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Aplus Video Joiner is aimed to join video clips into a larger file
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Aplus Video Joiner is aimed to join video clips into a larger file. At the same time, it can convert the resulting movie to any of various formats. This program’s interface makes it easy to use. The central element is grid-like list to which you can add the source files. It allows arranging the files in the desired order. At this point, you can also preview the movies on the list; and while doing this, it is possible to select just a fragment of the clip instead of its whole length. Unfortunately, this tool does not allow applying any other editing action on the video. After this, you can proceed to select an output format for the combined file. There is a tabbed panel in which the tabs are labeled according to a specific video container. As can be seen from the tab labels, only five container types are supported: AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV and RM. Unfortunately, some widely used formats are not available. When you select one of the tabs, you need to configure additional parameters, which vary according to the container type. I notice there is a button labeled Configure when you select the To AVI tab that works only for specific formats. This may confuse the user, who could think something is not working appropriately.
One of the advantages of Aplus Video Joiner is that it does not require all the source files to share the same format. However, there are times in which all the source clips have exactly the same format and it would be great if the program allowed joining them without reconversion. This could save us a lot of time and prevent quality loss.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows converting


  • It does not allow combining files without re-conversion
  • It supports a limited range of output formats
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